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Birth control provides essential protection against pregnancy and sometimes against sexually transmitted diseases. The type of birth control you use is a personal choice depending on a number of factors. At the Center4Health, Dr. Elizabeth Covington and her expert team of practitioners understand your choices. If you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, call the office or book online to make an appointment and learn more about birth control options.

Birth Control Q & A

What should I consider when weighing birth control options?

When considering your birth control options, ask yourself a number of questions about your current health, family plans, and personal schedule. These include:

  • How effective is each method of birth control?
  • Do you have any health issues, or do you take other medications?
  • How soon do you want to have children, if ever?
  • Are you comfortable inserting contraceptives into your vagina?
  • How convenient is the method for you?
  • How comfortable is the method for you and your partner?

The team at Center4Health can help you evaluate your answers to these questions to determine the right birth control for you.

What types of birth control are available?

Birth control methods fall into five major categories. These include:

  • Barrier methods, including male and female condoms as well as the diaphragm and cervical cap
  • Hormonal methods, including birth control pills and contraceptive implants, such as NexplanonⓇ
  • Intrauterine devices, which can be hormonal and copper-based
  • Sterilization through tubal ligation or vasectomy
  • Natural family planning, such as the rhythm method

At Center4Health, the team can help you understand the pros and cons of each type, their effectiveness, and their possible side effects.

What is the Family Pact Program?

The Center4Health is part of the Family PACT program that provides free family planning services to low-income men and women. The program helps you establish the timing, number, and spacing of your children, and helps you preserve your reproductive health. Call the office to find out if you’re eligible.

What birth control protects against sexually transmitted diseases?

Only male and female condoms offer some protection against sexually transmitted diseases. They only lessen your risk of contracting one, however; they do not eliminate the risk.

If you have multiple partners or a partner that has multiple partners, it’s a good idea to use condoms to reduce your risk of an STD, even if you have protection against pregnancy through other means, such as the pill or IUD.

To learn more about the birth control options available to you, call the Center4Health or book a consultation online today.